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The Idea…

Even in a Motor Trend COTY winner, there is still room to improve and customize some things. The Chevy Volt is no exception.

The cargo cover just doesn’t do it for many folks, including me. As in, “Oh, HECK NO! That won’t do.”

So when I brought home my first Volt in 2013, I immediately set out to right that wrong.

With the first VoltShelf made, I told my wife that I thought there might be a few folks out there that would like one, too. As it turns out, I was right. And 10 years later, folks are still interested. 

We have continued to evolve the VoltShelf and BoltShelf into a more refined and versatile improvements. Along the way, we have introduced many other items that preserve, protect, and make our Volts and Bolts even better places to be. 

And if you look at our store, you will find that we haven’t stopped with the Volt and Bolt! 

Customers love what we do so much that we are constantly being asked for more things for their new rides. And we are happy to help!

Chevy Volt, open hatchback with VoltShelf installed
BoltShelf Installed

What It’s All About, Really…

When I was very young, my favorite uncle once told me to find something people need, make it so they want it as well, sell it at a fair price, and treat every customer like my own brother. And if you did that, he said, you would never lack customers or friends.

So when this whole VoltShop thing got started completely by accident, I just followed that sage advice.

I swore I would never do things like so many businesses out there that manage to sell stuff still do, in spite of how they treat customers, or what kind of crud they sell.

Turns out that Uncle Duffy was right. I’m making a lot of friends out there.

~ Stephen O’Hara, President

Uncle Duffy