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General Questions

We do. Right here in our shop. With pride! These are custom crafted items, made specifically for your vehicle. Some components may be purchased from suppliers, but these are our items. (Except for out Voltlights. These are just so handy that we had to add them to our line up.)
Most of our items are developed from idea that we have to make our cars a better place to be. Some are the same ideas extended to other cars. And some of our items are developed from or with customer ideas. We do try to listen to our customers to keep on developing items to make them better and better.
We try very hard to ship items within 24-48 hours. Most items that are stocked will ship immediately. If we have to make something, we will give you a tentative shipping date. Larger items may ship with Fedex or other carrier.
Most orders ship with the USPS.
Returns are accepted on almost all items. There is a 15% restocking fee. Please call or email us to discuss the return in advance so we can address any issues and held resolve things if we can. Refunds are made when the item is received using the same payment option as the purchase.
Yes. It is The VoltShop. Please feel free to join us there.
Please feel free to contact us to ask them! We understand that folks don't buy stuff like we make every day, so there are bound to be questions. And we are happy to answer them!



VoltShelf / BoltShelf / ModelYShelf

All of these are parcel shelves, designed to cover the trunk space in a hatch back car. These cover any cargo to keep it out of sight from prying eyes, and help to trap noise from the back of the car, making your car an even quieter place.
These are a composite construction made with a plywood core. The carpeting we use for the top and bottom is a much better grade that what car manufacturers generally use in these cars. The edge trim is the same as used by car manufacturers, purchased from directly from the same manufacturer.
Absolutely!!! We encourage our customers to make these products you own and make them work for you. And we LOVE to hear from customers about these innovations! In fact, some of our best product improvements have come from customer requests or ideas.



Grille Screens

Our grille screens are metal mesh pieces cut to fit the shape of many car grill to keep rocks and other debris from damaging your radiator or AC condenser.
Many cars now have very open grills that let rocks and debris pass through unhindered. At speed, this can damage or puncture the radiator or AC condenser, requiring it to be repaired. The cost of repairs can easily exceed $1500 on many cars.
We design our screens to be easily installed by the average person. They are cut to fit the shape of the grill and held on with plastic ties. Most of them fit the outside of the grill for a quick, easy 5 minute installation. Many of our grille screens can also be installed behind the grill for a more stealthy look. This will take a little more time, and may require some disassembly of the front of the car, but can still be accomplished by the average person. There are some YouTube videos that can help with this for particular cars.
No. damage from road debris is not covered under the standard car warranty. It is comparable to a rock cracking a windshield, and considered a road hazard rather than a defect in the car.
Maybe. This would generally be covered by a comprehenisve insurance, if you have it. And you will pay whatever deductible you have on this.
In addition to the potential cost of repairs, you’ll be inconvenienced with a trip or two to the dealership. You may need to wait for the new parts to arrive, and in the case of the Chevy Volt, your car won’t charge until it is fixed. Just the cost of running on gas for that time can exceed the cost of a protective screen. The inconvenience and disruption of this issue suddenly happening is more than enough for most folks to realize that they don’t want to go through it again.



ChargePort Cover / ChargeSleeves

Winter charging lets snow and ice build up in the charge port and on the charging head that plugs into the car. While this isn’t bad by itself, it is messy and can lead to problems with these freezing up, not working properly, or not being able to unplug the car or not being able to plug it back in. Dealing with this in the early morning after a storm (Or worse, in a storm) just is not fun. Being late for work because it is not fun at all. Standing in your driveway with a hairdryer trying to get your car to unplug while you know you are going to be late for work is seriously not fun. And we’ve done all of these. Then we got tired of it and designed the ChargePort covers and ChargeSleeve. Problem solved!
No. Both are made from very soft material that won’t hurt your car at all.
The charge port cover keeps snow and ice from getting into your charge port and causing problems. The charge port is waterproof, but snow getting into the charge port holes can get compacted and keep the car from being plugged in and chaging. And getting it out is NOT fun. Or ice can freeze the charge head in the port and keep you from unplugging the car. More than a few people have found this out the hard way… The Charge Sleeve gives the same protection to the charging head when that is exposed to the elements.
No. These are separate items and can be used independently. However, they are complementary items and best used together, especially in more severe weather.
No, this is designed to be removed with the plug. Generally, it will pop off and stay on the plug when you remove it from the charge port. It can stay there and be ready to use the next time you plug in.
Yes, this is designed to stay in place so it is right there and ready to use the next time you plug in.